Nemo & Family

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Nemo & Family

Everyone loves clownfish, even more so since Hollywood made them famous in the film `Finding Nemo’. No photographer can ever swim past them as they are such compelling subjects, also because they are one of the few fish species that can’t swim far away! You might have heard the UWP Photographers lament, TGFC, Thank God For Clownfish! However, there is nothing easy about getting a great anemone fish image, especially a family of them. The little buggers never sit still and pose, never ever! However on this occasion my aim was to get an image of the family, mom, dad & junior `Nemo’.

Photo Data: Location: Cebu, Philippines Genre: Macro Photo Data: Nikon D800. 60mm Macro Lens. Seacam Housing with twin Seacam Strobes. ISO 100 1/125th @ F18. Image by Kevin Deacon.

Photo Hints: Photographers using DSLR cameras have two choices of macro lenses from which to choose. These are Nikkor 60 MM Micro Lens or Nikkor 105 MM Micro Lens. My favourite is the Nikkor 60 MM Micro Lens as it will provide more depth of field which in this example was essential in order to have as many of the clown fish in focus as possible. I only use my Nikkor 105 MM Micro lens when shooting very shy subjects or for super macro in combination with a plus dioptre lens.

Interesting Facts: The dominant member of the family is actually female, the next largest member is the male, if she dies he will become she and the next most dominant member of the family will become a male. If it’s confusing for us, imagine how confusing it must be for them! Scientific Name: Amphiprion percula

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