Nemo the Clownfish

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Nemo the Clownfish

Anemone fish are an underwater photographer's favourite fish. After chasing other fish around the reef dive after dive, photographers have been known to say `TGFC, thank god for clownfish'. However, as popular as these fish are due to their photogenic appeal and tendency to stay with their anemone, they still present some challenges. For a start they don't sit still for long, they seem to know just when to duck away at the critical moment. They frequently hide among the anemone tentacles and peek just one eye out to see what you are up to. Sometimes they are protecting their eggs and it's hard to get a picture when the fish is biting your shutter control finger or head butting your camera. But perseverance and many frames shot can earn you the ultimate anemone fish shot. The fish in perfect pose, fins spread, diagonal composition and most important of all, eyes engaging with the camera lens.

Photo Data: Location: Menjangan, Bali Genre: Macro Photo Data: Nikon D200, Nikkor 60mm lens, Seacam Housing, Dual Seacam Strobes, and Manual Exposure Mode. ISO 100 Exposure f22 @ 1/125th sec. Image by Kevin Deacon.

Photo Hints: It is a waste of time following the anemone fish as it darts among its anemone host. If you take the time to observe the behaviour you will find the fish will repeatedly stop to observe you from the same spot. Frame and focus on that area and trigger the shot every time the fish pauses there. Shoot lots and with a little luck you might nail the great shot. Of course great hand/eye coordination helps too as will faster auto focus cameras.

Interesting Facts: There are about 28 known species of Anemone fish in the Worlds tropical oceans of which only one is named Clownfish, made famous in the movie, Finding Nemo. The popularity of Nemo created an unprecedented demand among aquarium owners for clownfish which threatened to denude many coral reefs of this beautiful species. Once again we see the urgent need for more marine protected areas or mankind could love the marine life to death. Common names, Clownfish, Clown Anemone fish, Nemo. Latin Amphiprion percula.

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