Vogue Swimsuit Shoot

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Vogue Swimsuit Shoot

This image of two Vogue models was one of many shots for a Vogue magazine swimsuit feature. My initial job was to test about five models before selecting two that looked relaxed in underwater poses. When any expressed concerns I just said “trust me I’m a dive instructorâ€. To ensure the models could stay submerged I drilled lead weights into the soles of Prada shoes supplied by the sponsors! This sent my wife into conniptions and she is still not over it! Well, where else was I going to put them? Then I assisted the director of photography, Walter, to capture the swimsuit images. I learnt a lot in a very short time about fashion photographers and fashion models. They are smarter and work much harder than one is led to believe!

Photo Data: Location: Swimming pool, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Genre: Wide Angle Sunlight. Photo Data: Nikonos V Camera with Nikonos 15 MM Lens, Kodachrome Film ISO 64, Aperture Priority Mode with minus EV setting. Exposure F8 at 1/350th second. Image by Kevin Deacon

Photo Hints: These shooting situations are perfect for aperture priority mode as the camera can automatically adjust the shutter speed for exposure leaving the photographer to concentrate on composition. I checked the light meter regularly to ensure the shutter speeds were always 1/350 second or faster to freeze the pattern of light on the models body.

Interesting Facts: When I request assistants to help me shoot sharks, everyone is busy. When I requested assistants to help with this shoot, I was nearly killed in the rush!

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