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PADI Scuba Review

PADI Scuba Review

11-Jun-2022 Scuba Review

About the Course

Are you a certified diver but haven’t managed to go diving for many months or several years? If so it is highly recommended by all dive training agencies that you consider participation in a refresher programme to restore your scuba skills, equipment knowledge and diving procedures to ensure you are fully prepared to commence diving again.

The Scuba Review programme is designed to do just that! Our Dive 2000 team recognise that there are many certified divers that for one reason or another haven’t been able to keep their diving skills maintained or stay up to date with current scuba equipment, dive computers or dive procedures!

If so, sign up for a great day out with one of our Divemaster/Instructors and you will have plenty of opportunity to refresh your underwater skills and generally update everything while enjoying 2 fun dives at one of our great Sydney dive locations!

First you will meet at our Dive 2000 Dive Center and we will supply you with any hire equipment that is required including two dive cylinders. If you have any of your own equipment we will check it's condition and supply a hire replacement if this is deemed to be more suitable or safer.

This is all included in the fees for the Scuba Review Dive Day programme.

Once this is completed and the dive site is confirmed based on the weather and tide conditions that morning you’ll relocate to a suitable local dive site and participate in two dives where all the practical skills are rehearsed and practised.

A lunch break is scheduled between the two dives and once the dives are completed and a debriefing is done, you will return to the dive centre and complete your programme with an update on scuba equipment washing and equipment care procedures.

Scuba equipment is an essential part of your life support while diving, even if it is not your own, so it is important for your future dive safety to understand basic equipment care procedures.

Your Scuba Review day normally commences at our Dive 2000 Dive Centre at 9:00 AM and is completed by 4:00 PM.

Our goal is to have you confident with the scuba skills you learnt during your original Open Water Diver training course and updated about current scuba equipment, dive computers, SMB's and dive procedures while also providing an enjoyable day diving.

Your instructor will also consult with you about any helpful recommendations that would enhance your future diving experiences, safety and enjoyment.


$225 for the one day Scuba Review. ( $195 each for 2 or more bookings )
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  •  Scuba Review programme by Dive 2000 PADI Divemaster/Instructor.
  •  All required scuba equipment including two Dive Cylinders. 

What You Need to Bring

  • Please note that your Dive Certification Card must be brought to the Scuba Review Program to enable you to participate in your Scuba Review day. 

    (If you no longer possess this and you were qualified by PADI we can confirm your original qualification via the Worldwide PADI Database. Please advise us in advance of your Scuba Review day).

    Please bring your Lunch and refreshments for the day.

    You will also require your towel, hat and sunscreen.