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Dive 2000 Annual Underwater Treasure Hunt

It’s early Sunday morning & I’m feeling good.

A quick re-check that everything’s packed into our Toyota Workhorse, BBQ & Gas. Tick. Gourmet Sausage Sizzle stuff. Tick. Numbered prize spuds. Tick. Prizes, vouchers & lists. Tick. Husband, Kevin. Tick. Fingers crossed that I haven’t forgotten anything major (or minor for that matter) And, we’re on our way to pick up the last thing on my list, freshly baked long white crunchy bread rolls. Oh Yeah! The car smells great! A favourite part of my Treasure Hunt day.

We arrive early enough at Clifton Gardens Reserve, Mosman, to set up before the eager divers arrive at 9:00 am. With some helping hands (those, who like me & Kevin, pull themselves out of a nice, warm Sunday sleep-in) our Gazebos, BBQ, tables, foods & prizes are extracted from T’ Workhorse to Reserve & set up begins. I say “Thank you xoxo Dive 2000 Team & friends”

Excitement is building as it’s now Briefing Time! I see Dive Master Jenny “Puddles” checking divers in on today’s Dive Log and both she & Josie checking divers’ equipment & setup where needed, spare tank here, tweak a hose there, more weights needed, less weights needed, chit chat chit chat. Kevin is in front of the divers, doing a great job describing how the day will play out, Spud Hunt Rules and a comprehensive Dive Brief.

Meanwhile, two of our Dive Masters, Troy & Mo, have slipped secretly under the still Clifton waters of Chowder Bay to place the Prize Spuds here, there & everywhere. “All divers line up at the wall, it’s photo time ! “ It’s actually hot in the sun, especially all kitted up & waiting for the call “One Two Three GO!” Mental note to self: Bring fresh water spray bottle down to wall next year.

Excitement Plus ! Divers are eager & ready, just waiting now for Noah’s drone to shoot some aerials and land safely back on terra firma.

.….. three GO! And they’re off and racing. Giant strides across the sand and in great PADI style forwards, backwards, sideways, a graceful lunge head first, booties running running running & Splash! Splash! Get those fins on quick now! Shoulder to shoulder backing in ...… Howard leaps forward closely followed by Sean, Mike and Lawrence have quickly taken the lead though, Craig & Ali are right up there, Oh! Here comes Sue, John & Breslyn Oh wow! Sue’s down! Splash ! the 2 Simons are rhymin’ with Anthony & Martin, they are storming in, neck for neck, fin for fin. And here comes Mike and oh look! Penny’s one to watch, Elliot & Steve are close in tight & here comes John and Noah, slow out of the start but making up quick time now. This is more exciting than a day at the Races!

Puddles, our in-water Dive Master today, looks cool, calm & collected awaiting the incoming rush of divers while Liz Go Pros their entry antics. Ha Ha so funny.

Ok enough fun, now I’m back to the Admin Tent to check we are on schedule with cooking & food prep. Jason’s on to it, no BBQ worries there except maybe the BBQ gas hose has a problem. Just a quick run to Bunnings for a replacement and … three, two, one click AOK. Gaby & Helen are ready at hand for food table detail. My next favourite part of the day is the sensational smell of a sizzling sausage or 50! Mmmm Mmmm

Jason cooking up a storm.....you'll never find me far from the food.

Incoming….divers are dripping their way back to cars & warm clothes “Any luck ?” “Find a Spud?” “oh yeah, uh huh, sure did” I’m thinkin’ “happy divers, happy divers” In 17 years of running our Dive 2000 UW Treasure Hunt, this is the first year that ALL of the Spuds were found ! Great work divers & diverettes !

“Lunch is served” sounds out! Divers flock to the tables like a murder of crows. A few of the ol’ familiar nerves creep in on me as we proceed next with the prize drawing and acknowledgements of our Team, Sponsors & customer support.

Josie begins with the wonderful news of the birth of baby Hannah Biro. Congratulations to our Instructor David & his lovely wife, Dori.

“A big thank you to all for joining us today” Josie beams “ AND to our BBQ Chef, my husband Jason, Liz, Gaby, Helen, Troy, Mo and last but by no means least, our Puddles. Oh! Kevin, Cherie & me too!" What a Team !

A few minutes is taken now to thank our sponsors who have provided in excess of $3,500.00 worth of prizes while fruit, delicious banana muffins and chocolate slices, baked by our gorgeous Gaby, make their way around the group.

Thank you to: Apollo Australia. Dive 2000. Lets Go Adventures, Nelson Bay. Padi Australia. Probe Wetsuits. ProDive Central Coast. Scubapro Australia. Tabata Australia. The Spud Prizes are Tickle sticks, Dive 2000 Gift Voucher, SMB, Torches, Backpacks & Mesh Backpacks, Double boat dive on HMAS Adelaide, Dive knives, long sleeve Frog Skin top, four mask & snorkel combos and a fabulous Scubapro Chromis Dive Computer !

Our products at Dive 2000 are chosen from the best brands in the World! it is a pleasure to talk about the benefits & values to our keen participants as one by one prize numbers are called & the allocated prizes given. Kevin and I are proud to be a Platinum Dealer for Scubapro Australia & key Dealers for equipment we trust and use ourselves.

Now we have a special “Dive Club Member” draw for a Dive 2000 weekend away diving Nelson Bay (a favourite dive destination of ours) & sponsored by Dive 2000 and Lets Go Adventures, Nelson Bay. I reach in and pull a Lucky Number from the communal draw for all Club Members attending. The Lucky Number belongs to Lucky Lawrence !!

“Bye, See you Soon, Great to see you” our divers head for home and on the way, many many hands pitch to dismantle, haul & reload T'Workhorse. Winding down the day I relax happily onto a welcome fold-away chair joined by Kevin and our friends, John & Gaby, pouring a crispy little white into our glasses.

Here’s a toast to our 17th Terrific Treasure Hunt Picnic Dive Day !!

Now IS THIS my favourite part of the day ? You bet my size 5 ½ Booties it is ! I’m feeling good : )

By Cherie Deacon. Dive 2000 Dive Travel & Photo CentreDive 2000


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