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SSD - April 29

Jenny "Puddles" Silman


Glorious Autumn morning for a SSD with the D2K dive crew. It was off to Shelly we headed and boy did Shelly put it on today.
Warm water and some absolutely amazing visibility, I'd say an easy 20m, just magic. It was so nice to be able to lead the dive, have the buddy teams spread out and still be able see all the team. With the underwater vista of Shelly revealed the D2K team had a ball! There were back flips, somersaults, head stands and some over creative underwater gymnastics observed.

We had some amazing encounters with some pretty cool critters this morning as well. It was squeals all round, well at least from me, as Dusky Whalers, seemingly relatively relaxed with our presence in the water just cruised on through the team. Southern Eagle Rays, and I mean Rays in plural, lazed about on a white sandy Shelly beach sea bed, stirred and the took off in a leisurely flight off into the blue. Giant Cuttlefish, so well camouflaged, that they blended into the swaying kelp beds, posed patiently for the photographers in the crew. Clouds of schooling fish, high in the water line, sweeping low across the sand and dancing in the shallows of the rocky reef line. Just beautiful.

So I'm guessing most of know that I like dive, I like to dive a lot and I don't mind diving in Sydney's somewhat variable visibility but today was one of those unexpectedly special Sydney temperate water dives that all our D2K SSD regulars wait & hope for - Sunshine, warm calm water and amazing visibility with some pretty cool marine life thrown in. Thanks Shelly!

As I was today's D2K SSD dive lead, I wasn't one of the photographers on today's dive. My camera stayed snuggled up with my beach towel in the car. So today I left the water with a big smile and just the memories of an unexpectedly special dive at Shelly. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos from the rest of underwater paparazzi in the team though!

By Jenny "Puddles" Silman Dive 2000 Dive Travel & Photo Centre Dive 2000